The Bad Train is a bot and eighth mini boss in the third game
In the third game, the Bad Train first appears in the world of Annoying Orange in The Kitchen part 2. After the bots have been defeated, the Bad Train appears
Including 4 attacks

  • Machine Guns, Bad Train uses the Machine guns, dodge it.
  • Call the reinforcements, Bad Train call the 4 Flying Fodders
  • Assault, the Bad Train Run fast and hurt when the button appears over the head of Bad Train, dodge it and kill fast or use the VIC Power-Up
  • Bomb, A Fodder launches a bomb

Costumes: The Bad Train uses different costumes in different worlds

  • League of Super Evil - Robo Train
  • Moana - Captain Kakamora
  • Transformers - Soundwave
  • The Great Mouse Detecitve - Felicia
  • Up - Brown Bulldog
  • The Hundback of Notre Dame - Frollo's soldier
  • Final Fantasy - PSICOM Soldier
  • Tarzan - Hunter
  • Annoying Orange - Lego Train
  • Resident Evil - B.O.W